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4 advantages of plastic injection moulding

Plastic injection moulding is an established and widely used manufacturing process. As a leading UK injection moulding company, with a long history of working with customers throughout industry on many different injection moulding projects, we understand how injection moulding can provide real benefits in each application.

Here are just 4 of the major advantages of plastic injection moulding:

1. High volume repeatability

Injection moulding can produce extremely large volumes of plastic parts quickly and repeatably, often with remarkably low unit costs. Compared with other techniques, plastic injection moulding machines run with fast cycle times – often measured in seconds – and, depending on the size of the moulded part, can produce multiple parts of tens or even hundreds in every cycle.

2. Automation

Companies such as OGM, with around 50 dedicated injection moulding lines and extensive support facilities, are structured to drive production efficiencies. These include extensive use of robotics and automation technologies, plus 3D additive manufacturing, which combine to reduce injection moulding costs and lead times, while improving productivity, leading to highly competitive prices.

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3. Injection moulding creates precise and complex shapes

Injection moulding is an ideal technology for manufacturing highly complex plastic shapes, with precisely formed details, patterns and geometries. This gives product designers considerable scope to develop injection moulded parts for electronics, medical, automotive, aerospace and industrial applications, incorporating unique styles and properties.

4. Choice of material colour, finish and properties

There is a huge range of plastics available for injection moulding, including polycarbonate, polypropylene, HDPE, ABS, and nylon. These offer product designers a wide choice of colours, surface finishes and chemical and mechanical properties, such as impact and tensile strength. Mechanical strength can be enhanced still further though the use careful design or fillers added during the injection moulding process.

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