OGM was founded in Woodstock in 1962 with just a single moulding machine and toolset, to produce its own design of plastic door handles. Almost 60 years later and we’re one of the UK’s most experienced plastic injection moulding companies, with two sites in Oxford and South Wales, multi-million pound investments in the most advanced injection moulding, automation and quality control systems and a team of specialists that is second to none.

Our expertise spans the industrial, electronics, utilities and medical sectors for customers worldwide. Throughout, our growth and success has been based on a combination of unrivalled customer service, technical excellence, innovation, quality standards and the development of long-term partnerships that add real value to every customer.


We put excellence in everything that we do, plus a determination to exceed the expectations of every customer, at the heart of our injection moulding business.

This is reflected in our investment in some of the most advanced injection moulding facilities anywhere in the UK, with the latest injection moulding machines, robotics and automation systems, precision quality measurement and inspection technology, and the extensive use of laser sintering additive manufacturing technologies.

It is also reflected in our commitment to staff training and skills development, and in the outstanding technical, application and commercial support that we offer to each customer.


Number of machines

92,000 sq.ft.

Manufacturing facilities

35 to 1,100 tonnes

Machine range




Innovation drives our policy of continuous improvement in manufacturing and customer services. During the initial stages of the Covid19 pandemic, OGM developed a new innovation called TouchSafe which was designed, manufactured and shipped within a few short weeks. Using the latest plastic injection moulding techniques, TouchSafe was designed and manufactured to help prevent onward transmission and spread of Covid19.

Here’s what one of our end users thought.
The TouchSafe is brilliant. It’s perfect for door handles, trolleys and basket handles. The nib is very handy for lift buttons and touchscreens. I have found this to be really helpful and very comforting. Sarah, NHS Worker, Oxfordshire

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OGM Plastic Injection Moulders


We’ve a friendly and experienced team of injection moulding specialists to help you get the best results from every injection moulding project. Our team includes design engineers, tool designers and toolmakers, mould technicians, quality control and part inspection specialists and customer service and technical support experts. Combined, we create the perfect team of plastic injection moulders.


We put the customer – your business and project requirements – at the centre of everything we do. Our goal is to help you define success – whether that’s based on quality, lead-times, or part performance, functionality, nit-cost of other factors – and then engineer injection moulded solutions that exceed your expectations.

We devote considerable time and resources to help you engineer cost out of each injection moulding project, while reducing the lead time and maintaining the quality of injection moulded parts and components.

Similarly, our quality control processes, working to industry standards such as ISO 9001:2015 (manufacturing), ISO 14001:2015 (environment) and ISO 13485:2016 (medical), linked to advanced machine vision and inspection and metrology instrumentation, ensure total attention to detail.

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