OGM Investment

Investment continues at OGM

At OGM, we’ve a policy of continuous investment in the most advanced injection moulding, automation and production systems, as part of our goal to provide every customer with the best possible range of injection moulding, tool manufacturing and support services.

New 3D scanning service

New 3D scanning service

We’re now able to offer a comprehensive 3D scanning service. This enables us to help customers reverse engineer products and parts for injection moulding, and to carry out extensive analysis to assess dimensional tolerances and conformity.

Anti-microbial injection moulded parts

Anti-microbial injection moulded parts

The recent Coronavirus pandemic has focussed the attention of companies throughout industry on the need to offer their customers or end-users enhanced protection from bacteria and viruses.

Injection moulding specialised materials

Injection moulding specialised materials

Many injection moulded parts and assemblies require the use of specialised materials or surface finishes that provide specific properties. These include the ability to control or prevent radio and electromagnetic interference: EMI and RFI.

Medical Grade Polymer

New medical grade polymer offers fresh opportunities

A new medical-grade polymer, developed by Eastman Chemical, and recently made available on the UK market, looks set to create exciting opportunities for the development of medical device housings and equipment.  The new Eastman Tritan MXF321 copolyester offers an interesting set of characteristics. The material is flame-resistant and withstands sustained exposure to over 30 different disinfectants and cleaning chemicals that are …

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plastic injection moulding

Is reshoring the future for plastic injection moulding?

Following the 2016 referendum result, when the UK voted to leave the European Union, the value of the Pound against other leading currencies fell by over 10% and has never recovered.  The cost of imports has been higher ever since.  On their own, the higher cost of imported industrial goods may not be an overwhelming …

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