OGM Investment

Investment continues at OGM

At OGM, we’ve a policy of continuous investment in the most advanced injection moulding, automation and production systems, as part of our goal to provide every customer with the best possible range of injection moulding, tool manufacturing and support services.

As part of this programme, we’re investing in a new 50-ton injection moulding machine, which will be installed at our purpose-built factory in Yarnton, Oxford for the production of high quality medical components. We’ve also started on an ambitious plan that will dramatically expand our ultrasonic cleaning capability, with parts being automatically transferred from our injection moulding machines directly to a dedicated cleaning area.

Ultrasonic cleaning uses high-frequency, high-intensity sound waves to remove contaminants from parts that are submerged in an ultrasonically activated fluid. Unlike other methods of part cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning can reach all surfaces in contact with the activated fluid, making it ideal for parts with complex geometries, threaded inserts or blind holes.

The new injection moulding machine and ultrasonic cleaning systems will enable us to improve still further the speed and efficiency with which we’re able to meet customer demands, helping to maintain our position of one of the UK’s leading specialised injection moulding companies.

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