At OGM, we work with our customers to achieve the best outcome from our products and services. Our team of injection moulding specialists have gathered all relevant information for you in this section including:

Medical Injection Moulding

Medical injection moulding and component assembly are integral aspects of our core business. Collaborating with numerous clients within the medical, pharmaceutical, and life sciences sectors, we cater to a diverse clientele ranging from prominent industry leaders to emerging start-ups.

Explore our collection of informative articles about our cleanroom operations and plastic injection moulding expertise within the medical sector.

plastic injection moulding company

Our injection moulding facilities are some of the most advanced anywhere in the UK, with the latest injection moulding machines, robotics and automation systems and the extensive use of laser sintering additive manufacturing technologies.

Here you will find all relevant articles which will help you understand our capabilities, how to reduce injection moulding lead times, rapid production of injection mould tool inserts, conformal cooling, and 3D printing.

We put our customer – your business and project requirements – at the centre of everything we do. Our 60 years of experience in plastic injection moulding will help you make better choices. This section covers our services, future of plastic injection moulders, reshoring plastic injection mouldings and advantages of working with UK plastic injection moulders.
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