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Breathable core


Breathable injection mould tool inserts are generally used to prevent gas traps and assist material flow in filling mould tools.  Typically, these can be manufactured using specialised materials such as Porcerax.  However, production of these can be time consuming and expensive. By their nature they can become blocked and fail, requiring costly manufacture of replacement parts.  This was just the problem faced by a customer when their breathable injection mould tool insert needed replacement.  They were quoted a four-week lead time and a cost of over £2,000, for material, machining and finishing using EDM (electro-discharge machining).


The customer turned to OGM for a solution.  Using our innovative Hybrid Metal Additive Manufacturing process, we were able to design and build a replacement breathable mould tool insert in just two days, at a cost that was considerably lower than that previously quoted.


Hybrid Additive Manufacturing

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Plastic injection moulding company
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