Quality drives reshoring of plastic injection moulding for UK medical device manufacturers

Reshoring your plastic injection moulding to the UK

If you are thinking about sourcing your medical devices and components closer to home, you are not alone. Many UK medical equipment manufacturers are making the move to re-shore. Like you, they are looking for medical injection moulding manufacturers they can trust.

We are a UK-based plastic injection moulder providing full support through our two manufacturing sites in Oxfordshire and South Wales. Along with our plastic injection moulding, toolmaking and assembly services, we have the ability to offer added value services through dedicated project management and technical and customer support.

UK manufacturers are looking for more than just help with reshoring tooling, they want a partner who can project manage the process and offer support to make the move as smooth as possible.

3 Reasons for Reshoring

There are three key reasons why medical equipment manufacturers are making the move to reshoring manufacture of their medical devices to the UK from overseas markets.

  • The need for better quality injection moulding. The Lloyds Bank report ‘Business in Britain: Manufacturing’ found that 71% of UK manufacturers are reshoring in a quest for improvements in quality
  • The cost benefits of overseas manufacture no longer outweigh the need for quality and immediate technical support – price increases for materials, rising transport costs and complex supply chains mean that UK medical manufacturers are better off reshoring to the UK
  • Improvements in compliance is a common reason for reshoring. Raw material non-conformance, traceability issues and a lack of certification for materials all contribute to the reasons why medical components and devices are now being sought from UK medical injection moulding companies.
Plastic injection moulding capabilities in Wales

We Can Help you Reshore your Plastic Injection Moulding

We have strong partnerships with OGM approved partners in China who can be actively involved in the reshoring process by assisting and visiting your suppliers to help with the process. OGM will arrange for your tools to be shipped to the UK where they can be stripped down and inspected in our in-house tool room. We will provide you with a condition report detailing the condition of your mould tools and information on their remaining life. 

We already have experience of the process and of shipping large amounts of tooling each year from China to the UK. We can offer customers choosing to re-shore one UK-based point of contact who will manage your project from concept to delivery. 

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