At OGM, we have a team of in-house technical experts who can help you with design and prototyping.

Our design for injection moulding team uses the latest 3D CAD and flow simulation software (SOLIDWORKS®Moldflow®) to project manage the development of your injection mould tools from design concept through to production. 

Reducing your injection moulding costs

Design for Manufacturing (DFM) or Moulding

We work in partnership with you to develop designs for manufacture that will deliver time and cost savings and simplify production.

Expert and
Free Advice

Our technical team can also advise you on part modifications to improve performance, quality or speed of manufacture and the best materials to use for your plastic injection moulding.


We can often simplify manufacturing by modifying the design or construction of your new or existing injection mould tool and parts without affecting its overall design, functionality, or performance.


OGM can also offer a full prototyping service. We are one of the first companies in the UK to install a combined additive/subtractive manufacturing machine.  The machine incorporates powder bed-type/laser-melt additive manufacturing and a milling spindle for machining. 

With this and our other 3D printers we can help you develop prototypes for 3D printed end use components and rapid-production prototyping of mould tool inserts, including tool inserts for conformal cooling.  

Plastic injection moulding partner

Take advantage of our in-house design for manufacture (DFM) expertise & let us help you throughout the design process of your injection mould tool. 




Our design team can create fast and accurate designs, including 3D models and 2D drawings of complex parts and assemblies using SOLIDWORKS®. SOLIDWORKS® has integrated motion and stress analysis tools that help prevent mistakes and minimise the need to rework designs.



Using Moldflow® software, our in-house design and technical experts can simulate the injection moulding of your plastic components. Moldflow® provides simulation and analysis of more complex tool and part designs such as those for conformal cooling.  


If you do not have access to your original drawings and designs, we have the ability to use 3D scanning technology that reverse engineers your finished product to assist with the re-design process. This is often particularly helpful to our customers who are reshoring and need to re-design from scratch. 

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