Hybrid Metal Additive Manufacturing
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Our investment in metal additive and machining technology, combined with our continually developing expertise in this emerging field, results in an innovative solution for producing plastic injection mould tooling.  This creates three exciting opportunities:

  • The ability to create complex conformal cooling to enhance part quality and performance
  • The ability to compress plastic injection mould tool lead times by up to 50%
  • The creation of a bureau service for customers requiring injection mould tool inserts and cavity units for existing mould tools

Hybrid metal additive manufacturing combines the latest laser metal additive technology with conventional CNC machining in a single, integrated system.  Intricate parts can therefore be formed in a wide range of metals, which finishing taking place during the manufacturing process.

Conformal cooled inserts (ConformL Cool)


Hybrid Metal Additive Manufacturing and machining is an extremely effective method of creating conformal cooled injection mould tool inserts.

Inserts traditionally produced through machining and EDM contain straight cooling paths. Conformal cooled inserts produced in our process incorporate complex curved, shaped or spiral cooling channels.  These can easily be formed in small, narrow or awkwardly-shaped inserts.

The result is a new generation of mould tools, with consistent and accurate cooling across the entire forming area, even within small or awkwardly shaped pockets.  In turn, this eliminates many of the problems of distortion and poor part quality, which are traditionally associated with inefficient cooling.

Rapid production mould tools (RPMT)

Rapid Production

We combine many years of experience in subtractive toolmaking processes with rapidly emerging additive manufacturing technologies, to create a new generation of mould tools.

With our latest Hybrid Metal Additive Manufacturing system we use standard mould tool inserts and ejector plates, drilled or adapted using traditional subtractive machining techniques.  It is then possible to form the part detail using DMLS technology, growing complex shapes layer by layer on the standard components, with surface finishing being carried out simultaneously in the same machine.

This approach compresses lead times by up to 50%, with just a few weeks from order to first production parts, and produces mould tool inserts with outstanding levels of surface finish and precision, to within a few microns.

Case Study

See how OGM have used this process to produce 40,000 fastening pins in 5 days

A unique Bureau service for Additive Manufacturing

Our bureau service for our latest Hybrid Metal Manufacturing and machining technology, provides customers and other injection moulders with a fast, efficient method of creating precision mould tool inserts and cavities at competitive cost.

We can work from all industry file types and provide comprehensive technical and applications support, to ensure that each insert is engineered exactly to specification.

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