Metal additive manufacturing: conformal cooling and rapid production parts

Metal additive manufacturing is revolutionising plastic injection mould tooling. 

As a leading plastic injection moulders, we have invested heavily in the latest integrated metal additive and CNC machining technologyThis allows us to: 

  • Create complex conformal cooling to enhance part quality and performance 
  • Reduce the lead time for plastic injection mould tools by up to 50% 
  • Offer a bureau service for injection mould tool inserts and cavity units for existing mould tools
plastic injection moulding company
plastic injection moulding company
plastic injection moulding company

Conformal cooling for injection mould tools

plastic injection moulding company

Using integrated metal additive manufacturing and CNC machining we can produce conformal cooled injection mould tools and mould tool inserts in a range of metals. 

These enable cooling fluids in an injection mould tool to be directed to the exact position for optimal cooling effect, regardless of the complexity of the component being moulded. 

This innovative approach: 

  • Reduces cycle times 
  • Makes dismoulding easier 
  • Eliminates hot spots 
  • Ensures homogeneous part properties 
  • Produces optimum part quality
Plastic injection moulding company

Rapid production injection mould tools

Plastic injection moulding company

Integrated metal additive manufacturing and CNC machining allows injection mould inserts and cavity units to be produced quickly, with high levels of precision and at competitive cost.   

The befits include: 

  • Faster prototyping and short lead times 
  • Reduced time to market 
  • High quality surface finishes to within a few microns 
plastic injection moulding company

Injection moulding bureau service

Our bureau service for our integrated additive metal manufacturing and CNC machining technology, provides customers and other injection moulders with a fast, efficient method of creating precision mould tool inserts and cavities at competitive cost. 

We can work from all industry file types and provide comprehensive technical and applications support, to ensure that each insert is engineered exactly to specification. 

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plastic injection moulding company

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