Plastic injection moulding

As a leading plastic injection moulders, our aim is to produce high-quality injection moulded parts at an optimum level – giving you quality parts with quicker lead times. Our forward-thinking production facilities located in Oxford and South Wales feature almost fifty injection moulding machines to support every project – at every level. Additionally, we offer full design and project support, beginning to end.

Plastic injection moulding is used to make complex products come to life – quickly. From households to automotive, we are surrounded by injected moulded parts so quality is at the forefront of the priority list. Our dedicated team are passionate about making your required part a reality using our innovative approach. A secret we want to let you in on.

Our injection moulding capability includes:

  • Conventional injection moulding from a machine range of 35 to 1,000 tonnes
  • Cleanroom moulding
  • Overmoulding
  • Insert moulding
  • 2k and 3k injection moulding

We build the highest levels of perfection into everything that we do and ensure every injection moulded part exceeds your expectations.

plastic injection moulding company
plastic injection moulding company
plastic injection moulding company

What is plastic injection moulding?

Plastic injection moulding is a universal manufacturing technique that can produce many different types of parts or components. These can be produced economically in large volumes and at high speeds, often at rates that are expressed in terms of tens of thousands of parts per hour. Injection moulding is capable of producing parts from a variety of thermosetting and thermoplastic resins.

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What can injection moulding be used for?

Injection moulding is used to make a variety of widely used products. We are able to injection mould parts in many different materials, ranging from large format housings and enclosures, to three-shot clear mouldings and lenses, plus internal technical and high-tolerance components.

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Choosing to use plastic injection moulding

When the time comes to designing a new product it’s always important to select the best manufacturing method. As evidenced by the proliferation in use of plastic parts, injection moulding has become the most popular method of producing precision parts in large volumes.

How does a plastic injection moulding machine work?

Before we answer that question, let’s take a broader look at the industrial uses of plastic injection moulding. It has become an important tool in the manufacture of an extraordinarily wide range of components.

Choosing appropriate materials for plastic injection moulding

You have decided that injection moulding is the way you intend to manufacture your components; but you now face a choice as to which polymer or combination of polymers is best suited to your needs.

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