We offer a comprehensive range of project management services for your plastic injection moulding needs to help you achieve the best outcome from both repeat orders and new project introductions.

In particular, we are able to use our engineering knowledge and experience, combined with the use of advanced tools and techniques, to optimise lead-times, part quality, functionality and reliability.

Our project management services include design for manufacturing, the development of tooling and the design and engineering of automation systems.  They also include sampling and validation, to approved quality standards, initial production and then ramp-up to volume manufacturing.

Throughout, it’s an iterative, collaborative process, underpinned by advanced software tools such as Moldflow and SolidWorks.

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Customer Service OGM


As a leading plastic injection moulding company, customer support is embedded in everything we do, starting from the day you make your first enquiry and continues for as long as we do business together.

We provide comprehensive technical and applications advice, to ensure that each project is designed and prepared effectively for subsequent manufacture, assembly or finishing. Additionally, we can develop logistics models and streamlined order processing, which integrate with your production and IT requirements, work to Kanban and JIT, hold consignment stock and manage discrete orders, to help you minimise time to market. These benefits are enhanced still further through our adoption of advanced technologies, such as Hybrid Metal Additive Manufacturing.

Our customer support and project management teams build collaborative partnerships, providing regular updates on progress, handling all requests promptly and efficiently and highlighting fresh opportunities for future developments, created by the introduction of new technologies or materials.

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