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OGM is the leading UK Plastic Injection Moulder. Our injection moulding services include:

  • Precision Injection
  • Moulding Component Assembly
  • Hybrid Additive Manufacturing
  • Dedicated Project Management
  • Tool Room & Mould Tool Making

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How a plastic injection moulded part is made

In this video, we take a look at how a plastic injection part is processed from start to finish.

Conformal Cooling

Conformal Cooling for plastic injection moulding: Marcel Gowers explains how OGM’s innovative technology produces conformal cooled inserts for plastic injection mould tools, improving finished part quality and cycle rates.

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Gas Venting

Gas Venting for plastic injection mould tools: Marcel Gowers explains how OGM’s innovative approach to gas venting for plastic injection mould tools can eliminate the problems of pinholes, scorching and poor plastic part quality, while improving cycle times.

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End Use Parts

3D Printed End Use Parts: Marcel Gowers discusses how OGM’s hybrid metal additive manufacturing technology can be used to manufacture end use parts and components in a wide variety of metals, quickly, cost-effectively and in low to medium volumes.

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