We offer plastic injection moulding services to various sectors of industry including medical, electronics, automotive and general engineering.

Our quality control, focus on injection moulding innovation, the adoption of bespoke automation, robotic cells and vision systems and the skills and experience of plastic injection moulding specialists, brings an unrivalled level of efficiency and value to each of our customers.

This value is brought to life for our customers by our ability to offer solutions that enhance the performance, functionality and reliability of each plastic injection moulded part or assembled component at a competitive price and with reduced lead-times.


As a leading UK plastic injection moulder, we devote considerable time and resources to help our customers design the best solution for them. This often has the added benefit of engineering cost out of your injection moulding project, while improving lead times and quality of each moulded part.

We will work with you to achieve this by focusing on design for plastic injection moulding.

Our team can help you:

  • Optimise the design of your part
  • Improve part performance
  • Design injection moulded parts to reduce tooling development times or machine cycle times
  • Select the best plastics for injection moulding your part

If you would like to find out more about our design for plastic injection moulding service, click here:

OGM Volume plastic injection moulding parts
OGM Plastic injection moulding tooling

With our hybrid additive manufacturing system, and integrated CNC, we can produce high-precision, customised injection mould tool inserts and parts really quickly. This innovative 3D printing technology enables us to design-in conformal cooling channels and gas venting helping to reduce cost, while increasing productivity and improving the quality of your injection moulded parts.

This enables us to reduce lead times for injection mould tool sets by as much as 50%, without affecting quality or functionality.

If you need a mould tool with a short lead time, then our fast-track service can help. We have extensive in-house tool-making facilities, which allows us to respond quickly to the needs of customers. We can therefore engineer complete tool sets from scratch, or adapt, renew or refurbish existing injection mould tools with a rapid turnaround.

Learn how we can help you with injection mould toolmaking

OGM Leading UK plastic injection moulder
OGM Injection Mould Toolmaking

Plastic injection moulding is ideal for producing medium to large volumes of plastic parts and components and it’s an extremely cost-effective and high-quality process.

To improve productivity, cycle and lead-times for our customers, and save further on costs, we have invested heavily in the latest plastic injection moulding systems. Our Oxford and Wales factories are equipped with advanced with high quality injection moulding, robotics and automation systems.

  • We’ve invested in highly automated injection moulding processes, including robotics systems for part handling, inspection and packing so you can improve productivity and reduce lead times
  • We can produce volume parts in days using hybrid metal additive technology
  • You can reduce the number of production operations and suppliers by using our in-house project management, component assembly and packaging services
  • You can eliminate the risk of delays by using our customised logistics models, combined with integrated IT and streamlined order processing

Learn how we produced 40,000 parts in just 5 days, using advanced hybrid metal additive manufacturing

OGM Automated injection moulding processes
OGM Volume plastic injection moulding parts


One of the critical factors when choosing a plastic injection moulder is its ability to help you reduce time to market.

This can be especially true if you’re working in a fast-changing industry, where the difference between success and failure is determined by the speed you react to customer demands, or to emerging trends and technologies.

We operate a lean and agile tooling, plastic moulding and finishing operation, designed to help you react quickly and efficiently to changing market conditions, or to manage new injection mould designs and product introductions.


OGM Accredited injection moulding suppliers

We are accredited to ISO 9001:2015 (manufacturing), ISO 14001:2015 (environment) and ISO 13485:2016 (medical), with our production systems operating to the principles of lean manufacturing.

Our goal is continuous improvement, making processes ever-more efficient, while minimising both waste and our carbon footprint.

“We wanted our customers to save time and now, thanks to the robust, easy to use design of the ink cartridges, the changeover is so quick that many don’t even need to consider a second printer to cover downtime. Due to the high-quality plastic injection moulding work that OGM does, we are very pleased with the cartridges and have been working well with them for over five years now.”
Lindsay Hart
Group Commodity Manager at Domino
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