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(Part 3) What should I consider when choosing a plastic injection moulder?

A few final thoughts on selecting a plastic injection moulding supplier 

In our last two posts, we’ve covered most of the key factors that we believe you should consider when choosing a plastic injection moulder for your plastic injection moulding project.  Our final post provides a few further thoughts to think about if you want to find the best plastic moulding partner. 

Do they take an innovative approach to help me get better results? 

Innovation is not always a term that is applied to plastic injection moulders.  Yet, for the team at OGM, it’s one of our unique selling points. 

We firmly believe that we should constantly challenge ourselves and our customers, with fresh ideas and approaches to the established way of working.   

A recent example is our decision to invest in advanced technology that reduces the lead times for engineering plastic mould tools to just a few weeks, with mould tool inserts being produced far faster.  The same technology also offers the option to create specialised plastic mould tool inserts that eliminate the problems of differential heating and cooling, reducing reject rates and giving a significant improvement in plastic part quality. 

Do they offer services to add extra value to the partnership? 

Although injection moulding is our core business, we also offer a range of value-added services, designed to help customers improve productivity and quality, or reduce unit cost and lead times. 

Services include design and prototypingcomponent assembly and finishing and comprehensive project management. 

Who will manage my project? 

Regardless of the scale of your plastic moulding project, we provide the services of a highly skilled and experienced team of designers, plastic moulding engineers and technical support experts. 

Their goal is to give you the best possible service by helping you bring your injection moulding project to fruition as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

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