Reduce lead times for plastic injection mould tools by 50%

plastic injection moulding company

We produce plastic injection mould tooling quickly and efficiently at a competitive cost. 

  • 50% faster than most competing processes 
  • For new mould tools, insert repair or modification 
  • Highest quality 
  • Custom engineered 
  • Standard bolster sets where appropriate 
  • Design and applications advice 
  • Full technical and sales support 
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plastic injection moulding
Plastic injection moulding

Fast turn-round on mould tool inserts and cavity units

Plastic injection mould tooling often takes up to four months, from design to delivery. 

This is especially true if engineering is offshored to the Far East, where problems of communication, culture and shipping can extend lead-times still further. 

A short-term option is aluminium bridge tooling. But these tools have a limited life and poor quality in high volume applications. 

Now, with our integrated metal additive manufacturing and CNC machining system, these problems are eliminated.

Read the case study on how Rapid Injection Mould Service produced a 40k first production batch within 5 days

plastic injection moulding company

To learn more about Rapid production injection mould service, download our white paper.

plastic injection moulding company

Injection mould tools in under 4 weeks

Integrated metal additive manufacturing and CNC machining technology combines direct metal laser sintering (DMLS) with conventional CNC machining in a single production system.   

This produces plastic injection mould tooling, including inserts and cavity units: 

  • Quickly 
  • Consistently 
  • To extremely high levels of accuracy 

The system produces the most significant time savings for complex mould features, such as the deep, narrow slots required to produce thin internal walls.  It can also be used to create conformal cooling channels inside injection mould tool inserts; this significantly reduces cycle times and improves the quality of complex injection moulded plastic parts. 

We can reduce lead-times still further with a unique combination of conventional subtractive CNC machining and additive manufacturing.   

Our custom designed laser sintered mould core and cavity inserts are printed from a range of metals directly onto standard machined mould tool base parts. 

The completed core and cavity components are then installed in a standard design of bolster, preassembled and ready for production. 

To accommodate a wide range of possible part designs, we have engineered a range of standard bolsters suitable for different sizes of components. 

The range can accommodate simple two-part core and cavity designs and more complex components requiring moveable side cores.  Complete customised solutions are also available using this system. 

In each case, our Rapid Production Mould Tools can be engineered quickly and efficiently at competitive cost. 

plastic injection moulders
plastic injection moulders
plastic injection moulders

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