Where do you go if you need fast turn-round for the production of customer-engineered parts and components?

OGM, that’s where!

Our integrated metal additive manufacturing and CNC machining system allows us to produce production parts and components:

  • Quickly and efficiently
  • In a wide range of metals
  • From a one-off to volume parts
  • Competitive prices
plastic injection moudlers
plastic injection moulders
plastic injection moulders

We combine laser metal sintering with CNC controlled machining to create and finish each part in a single, integrated operation.

This eliminates the need for post-production operations and results in complex parts with an exceptionally high quality of surface finish.

We have the capability to laser sinter and high-speed CNC finish components in a wide range of metals, including:

  • Maraging Tool Steel
  • Stainless Steel 630 and 316L
  • Cobalt Chrome Super Alloy
  • Inconel 718
  • Aluminium AISi10Mg.

We can also work from all common CAD files, including step, iges, stl and sldprt.

To learn more, request a quote or discuss your next project please contact us.

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