plastic injection mould tooling

A pragmatic approach to plastic injection mould tooling

By combining our direct metal laser sintering (DMLS) and CNC machining into a single production system, we’ve developed a range of innovative techniques for the manufacture of plastic injection mould tooling. 

Using this hybrid manufacturing system, we can offer 

  • The ability to reduce lead times for plastic injection mould tooling, to just a few weeks 
  • Special tool inserts that eliminate the problems of gas traps in plastic injection mouldings 
  • Conformal cooled plastic injection mould tooling that improves cycle times and part quality on complex or curved mould shapes. 

Choosing the right method for plastic injection mould tooling  

Although our hybrid manufacturing system allows us to offer an exciting and innovative range of injection mould tooling services for our customers, it is not always the ideal solution for manufacturing tooling or tool inserts. 

As a leading injection moulding company, whave an extensive injection mould toolmaking department equipped with conventional EDM and CNC milling, turning and grinding systems. With our 3D printing capability, we’re therefore in an ideal position to be able to advise on the best methods of producing injection mould tools. 

For injection mould tools or inserts with complex geometriessuch as hingesor where conformal cooling channels have to follow curved or spiral channels, then our hybrid metal additive system is ideal. 

Some injection mould tooling, however, is easier to manufacture using CNC machining. This is especially true if the injection moulded part has a simple design or incorporates large flat surfaces, such as typical enclosure or panel. 

Alternatively, it may be appropriate to combine 3D printing with finishing by CNC machining. For example, an injection moulded tool insert that has both complex geometries and flat surface areas can firstly be printed layer by layer using our laser metal sintering machine. The tooling insert can then be finished on a high-speed CNC milling machine to produce the required surface. 

Experience and knowledge are key for successful injection mould tooling 

Ultimately, the choice of manufacturing techniques for producing plastic injection mould tooling should be governed by the experience and knowledge of your plastic injection moulding supplier. At OGM, we’ve almost 60 years working as a plastic injection moulding company, supporting customers across the industry. 

We have extensive knowledge and experience, using both conventional toolmaking and 3D printing technologies. That means that we can truly offer unbiased advice and guidance to help you develop plastic injection mould tooling that produces the highest quality injection moulded parts, cost-effectively and to your exact specification, no matter how complex or challenging that may be.  

If looking for advice and support on tooling or injection from an experienced plastic injection moulding company then please get in touch with our team. 

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